It’s official: everyone loves winged eyeliner. It adds drama to any makeup look, draws attention to the eyes and is a certified classic. Truly few things look quite as good on the side of the face like a good wing. But what if i told you that the wing didn’t always have to be at the side of the face? What if it was the other way around? Well, according to internet beauty gurus (who never fail to surprise us with their newest creations), reverse winged eyeliner is the new in trend (and we had just recovered from the squiggly eyebrow trend).


Now, we’ve seen (and love) makeup looks in which the inner corner of the eye gets a subtle wing of its own. However, this trend doesn’t just give it a subtle wing, it goes all out while completely leaving out the outer corner of the eye (you know, where winged eyeliner is supposed to go). Words on their own can’t do this trend justice. Just take a peek below:



Could someone explain this to us?

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