As complicated and stressful as working in Lagos is, there are some people and organisations who are doing their best to change the perspective and narrative of everyday work-life. One of such people are those who run co-working spaces. Don’t know what a co-working space is? Well, they are those beautiful work offices where different people can use for their work meetings and work while cutting out some necessary business bills like rent, electricity and internet bills. All a business owner or entrepreneur needs to do is register with one of such co-working spaces and voila! you have an office complete with an office address to work from. Here are some of such co-working spaces in the different parts of Lagos for you to take advantage of.

  • Cranium One

Located in the heart of Lagos, Victoria Island, Cranium One is an inviting shared workspace for entrepreneurs and small businesses. Hot desks are located side by side. Separated offices and meeting rooms provide privacy with enough visibility to remain connected to the open space. The communal kitchen and dining area attracts workers to each other and to their independent projects. Community building programs – social events and collaborative projects bond the members together.

  • SeedSpace

Seedspace is a co-working space where tech entrepreneurs nurture their ideas and grow their business. Asides workspaces, services like gym/swimming pool and on-demand event venues are rendered. Intending users could subscribe to membership packages.

  • ReDahlia

Located in Ikeja, Lagos State, ReDahlia debuted its co-working space for startups in March 2017. Alongside workspaces — shared cubicles, private offices — facilities like constant power, internet and restaurant are available for use. Training room, bedroom, meeting, free coffee are also included in the payment packages.

  • LeadSpace

Launched by Passion incubator, Leadspace provides a functional office space for entrepreneurs/founders of small and medium-sized businesses, middle-level corporate executives, independent freelancers and creative artists.

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