Black lipstick has the reputation for being popular among the ‘goth’ crowd. This makes a lot of women reluctant to try out the color at all. In reality, black lipstick can is a very bold and beautiful color to try on and can give a nice edge to an entire outfit. Check out some of the ways to wear black lipstick below:


  • Gloss it up: Black lipstick is eye-catching on its own, but when worn as a gloss, it truly shines through. This is recommended for metallic accessories and smoky eyes for nighttime look.



  • Wear it Matte: Matte gives an air of sophistication and is best worn with other dark colors. Its also best to make the rest of the look simple so as to allow the lip to shine.



  • Bold brows: Having both your lips and brows stand out is a daring look, but looks amazing when done well.



  • Glitter: A layer of glitter added to the black lip is very risky, but is perfect for a night out.


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