Imagine you’re home alone with your spouse, undressing in the bedroom, and then a knock comes on the bedroom door. When you ask who it is, your spouse replies, “It’s me, who else could it be?” It would be absurd for you to say, “please, hold on don’t come in just yet. I am dressing up!” Except you’ve got something to hide, the normal thing to do is to confidently open the door because IT’S YOUR SPOUSE.

 In the same way, you should be confident enough to be open with your spouse on issues that affect you because…IT’S YOUR SPOUSE! Real husbands and wives are not ashamed to stand naked before each other. In fact, they can’t wait to be naked before each other.

In this great book, Noruwa Edokpolo uses the power of physical human nakedness as a metaphor to share deep, thought-provoking insights on the secrets to a blissful and happy
marriage. He uses bible quotations to butress his point;  and his narratives are mainly from his experience and those of others.

 Every word in this book is deliberately crafted to breathe life into dying and even dead marriages. To those enjoying life in their marriage, this book offers a chance to take this life to a
whole new level of living.

It’s a must read.

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