Studies have shown that people in this generation will spend about a third of their lives staring at one screen or the other. This could be phone screens, TV screen or laptop screens. This just serves to show how much we rely on electronic devices in our daily lives. It can’t be denied that mobile phones, in particular, have made life easier for most of us. From communication to entertainment, everything we do has been altered by mobile phones.


However, there is need to identify when it gets out of hand. There is a common joke that out phones are the first and last thing we look at each day. This is no longer a joke but a reality for most individuals and at some point, it becomes unhealthy.

If you feel like you’re addicted to your phone, you can slowly overcome this with a few steps:


  • Turn it off: It might seem like an easy task, but when we think about just how dependent we are on our phones, we realize that it is not. Some people go into a state of panic and anxiety when their phone battery dies. For an hour or so a day, turn off your phone or put it in flight mode to slowly remind yourself that you can live without it.


  • Keep it away: For those of us who check our phones as soon as we get out of bed, this is important. Leave your phone in your living room or another room. This forces you to do other things when you first get up other than checking your phone messages.


  • Leave it at home: Phone usage¬†often interferes with our enjoyment of going out and enjoying places, events, and people. We might get too caught up with Snapchatting what is going on that we forget to actually enjoy what is going on. An easy trick is to have a dummy phone- a phone with no internet capabilities that you take when going out. Its lack of these things forces you to enjoy what is going on and not get distracted by Instagram.

Combatting unhealthy phone culture isn’t done in a day, but with some small basic steps, you can be on your way to breaking bad phone habits.

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