We are all crazy in love with make up trends, from colorful eyeshadows to winged eye liner, popping glow to tinted brows and from glitters to glossy eyelids. It seems like we just can’t get enough. One of the hottest trends right now is the bright and bold colored lip and here’s why?

Perfect for the summer and bold enough to command attention as it freshens every single look. It started way back in the 80’s and with the oldies coming back again, it’s been transformed into a more modern retroglam.

Let’s take a quick look at a few steps to get the perfect bright colored lip:

Chapped or dry lips don’t go well with any shade of lipstick but when it comes to bright bold lips it is a lot more unforgiving than most! Exfoliation is a great way to clear the base of your lips of any dead skin cells and this will help soften the lips, create a smooth base for your lippie and also give a natural fuller looking lip. You could exfoliate using a honey and sugar scrub as thesetwo form a great moisturizing lip scrub. Added bonus is that it’s super sweet! Apply a rich lip balm afterwards to keep your lips plump and healthy.

The best way to pull off a bright lip, is by finding the right shade that you love. A quick tip to finding what will work best for you is knowing the tone of your lipstick. Cool toned lip colours have more blue or purple in them and works for people with cool toned complexions and warm toned lip colors are a more yellow, red or orangeand work for people with warm undertone. If you’re confused on whether your tone is warm or cool, then check the veins on the inside of your wrist. If they look blue then you are cool toned and if they look green then you are warm toned. If you can’t tell then you’re neutral toned and can wear any shade.

Application is extremely important when it comes to getting that bold lip colour right as anything less than almost perfect could be a natural disaster and we certainly wouldn’t want that. Lip liner helps the lipstick blend easily and also makes it last longer. It also gives a pretty defined outline.

Blending is an essential when it comes to applying a bright lippie, especially when a lip liner is involved. So, pick up your favourite lip brush and blend away. We would recommend a fluffy brush with soft bristles as this works perfectly for blending.

When it comes to applying a bold lip colour, it is important to keep it simple with eyeshadow application and contour. Bright lips and bold eyes may not work best together especially if it’s going to be part of your daily makeup routine. Find a combination that compliments rather than competes. Go for softly defined brows and little or no eyeshadow with some lengthening mascara, slightly highlighted skin and you are absolutely ready to slay!

There’s no better combination like confidence and makeup. So own that look ladies. Knowing that you are beautiful and the ultimate rock star.
And there you have it! So whether it’s a red, pink, orange, purple, blue or even yellow lippie follow these simple guides rocking that bold lip with the utmost finesse.

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