Food shopping can be so expensive, especially when all you want to do is eat your life away – jk. My bank account always disagrees with me so much when I go out to eat. Experts in budgeting, from money-saving bloggers to financial writers, have revealed their top tips for saving cash on their weekly shop. So, we are here to share those tips with you so you don’t break the bank.

  1. Shop around:This is a mistake people make. you’re not going to find all the best bargains in the one shop so get ready to scout around. Most likely have a good look at the local open space market. They are the best.
  2. Crouch down in the supermarkets and spot the cheapest products:It’s psychology people. Most stores put the most expensive options in the most visible spaces with the hopes of you grabbing them while better value items are hidden at the back or bottom of shelves.Image result for black woman in grocery
  3. Look for cheaper alternatives on the brands in your basket:if you usually buy an expensive branded product, 9 out of 10 times, there are cheaper alternatives that work as good as the branded products. Switch it up to those. There is nothing wrong with spending less. Try them out and see if you notice the difference in quality or taste. If you can taste the difference, don’t pay the difference.
  4. Set yourself a realistic budget and take cash:if you leave the card at home it can stop over-spending. Know what you want and if you’re not sure, set a budget aside and try not to go past it except it is urgent.Image result for setting a grocery budget
  5. Don’t waste food:Don’t be wasteful. There is always a way to store food you’ve not finished or cooking in the right proportions.Related image

These are some go-to tips to help you spend less people. No need to rob a bank or break the bank to eat good.

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