Meet the Nigerian creative (s) who are changing the narrative when it comes to weddings and
events around the country by channelling the value and importance of collaboration over
competition in an already very competitive industry…THE WEDDING INDUSTRY.
With creativity and collaboration as their core value, the Wedding Doctor’s first quarter team
consists of diversified personalities;

Emmanuel Okolo aka Papilonmexy the Creative Lead of the Wedding Doctors platform and
CEO of Papilonmexy film studios is a cinematographer, visual storyteller and all round happy
go lucky creative, with a film background from The University of South Wales UK, The
London Film Academy and University of Glamorgan, not only has his education been vast,
but he was a member of the BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Arts). Papilonmexy not just shoots events or weddings but immortalises your moment to be appreciated by future
generations. He loves to fuse all necessary elements that make up a true visual yet emotional
representation of what you as a client are trying to express. Papilonmexy still directs
produces and documents events due to the creative liberty afforded him by clients who are
always eager to see how far he can push their story visually.

Papilonmexy has achieved notoriety for depicting heart warming scenes of  love,
friendship and community in various wedding videos for soon to be married and married
couples. Many of his productions contain a sense of reality and truth, often seen through his
lens, he believes that by portraying the couples in their most comfortable element not in an
over-the-top, acting style or manner that even when times become difficult for them, just by
watching their documentary, they would remember the moments they shared and how
important those periods were in order to fix their current situation…if any. Much of his work
depicts the activities of wedding and events from start to finish with mind blowing highlights
that always leave the watcher (s) in awe. Despite his reputation for documenting weddings,
Papilonmexy has directed several short films in a range of genres. He has created films such
as Visitor’s visa, The Stranger, with his latest being a short web series called Beyond the Veil
a series that documents and dramatises a young couples journey through marriage.

Adeola Ademokoya aka Phinix a Public Relations and Media consultant is the lead consultant
for Phinix PR and Media Consults. Adeola literally talks for a living, she enjoys teaching,
hosting and mentoring anyone she comes in contact with, especially clients who seem
nervous about their event, giving special recognition to selected family members and guests,
she has a knack for blending in and making everyone in attendance feel comfortable,
recognised and appreciated. Apart from owing and running a Public Relations firm, she
spends her time based on request performing varied media roles i.e. business image reviews,
script reviews, teaching public relation(s) roles and effects on businesses, production,
presenting and voice over (s). She believes in keeping busy as part of an active lifestyle.

Ademilola Ibrahim aka the Floral Fairy, with eighteen years of floral and event design
experience having worked and studied with several international design organizations in the
US, China and Singapore. She took over Quail Events (a thirty six year old family generated
business) in 2006 as the senior creative director from her mother. In rebranding and
structuring the business she has now taken the company to new lengths by transforming it
from only an event prop supply business to actual space design and school. Right now Quail
has three branches in Lagos Abuja and Ilorin.

Emem Molokwu aka the Pepper Queen of fashion, CEO La Firma Styling; a graduate of
theatre arts from the University Of Abuja with a major in costume design and dance. Emem
is also a graduate from the School of Style New York with an ongoing certification in
Fashion Styling from the Business of Fashion Institute.
Emem has worked with clients across multiple sectors and industries in Nigeria providing;
Image Consultancy, Wardrobe Management and Professional Personal and Fashion Styling
Services and Trainings. She believes in the transforming power of an individual’s
appearance. People think fashion should be regulated to women but she helps men and
women on a daily basis to effectively communicate their persona through their wardrobe.

Solange Okoye aka the Glam mama; runs her own beauty and make up studio called Solange
Hair and beauty a one stop multiple award winning salon and beauty shop that offers quality
hair care, makeup, beauty services and hairstyling trainings. Coupled with her expertise,
creativity of her team and commitment to continuously exceed customer’s expectations,
Solange wants to set a visual trend in the Nigerian beauty industry by positioning herself as
the go to beauty shop for elegant makeovers, stylish and creative bridal event/fashion and
regular hairstyles, by being able to express every woman’s beauty creatively and in different
ways to make they stand out for years to come when they look at their images.

Clarence Adah popularly known as Gottay or mysterio because of his innate ability to merge
with his surroundings; is a creative photographer specialized in fine art/wedding and
documentary photography. As visually and eccentric as he is known to be, Gottay constantly
dedicates his time capturing out of the box moments from everyday life to an unimaginable
beauty of nature to unveil life when it is seen through his mind’s eye. Gottay got his diploma
in photography from Shaw Academy (2017). He is currently the lead photographer with
several organisations such as Savannah Ministries (Global), GHIEF (global hope
empowerment foundation). He has also worked with several teams such as Première Urgence
Internationale “France NGO”, WaterAid, University of Sunderland (united kingdom),
MANGO, Kogi State Government (late gov. Prince Audu Abubakar) to name a few.

The Wedding Doctors is not just about a group of event service providers but a collaborative
force that believes that there must be a standard set when it comes to weddings and the event
space, vendors need to be held accountable not just by clients but by each other to constantly
deliver the best. They regard themselves as a rising factor that will be integral to the further
development of not just artistic visual and audio representation of the present, but the future
as well by ensuring each moment is effectively captured, styled and recognised.

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