Marriage comes with a lot of changes: usually a new home, a new extended family and it also often comes with a new name. As the newly wedded couple steps into the reception hall, there is always the announcement of,”Presenting Mr. and Mrs. X”. It’s a moment many women look forward to and in this part of the world, changing your last name isn’t something that is thought about but simply done.


In the 21st century, however, the debate has sprung up about women changing or not changing their last names. Is it necessary? If so, why? There are countless questions and the name-change is a very hot-button issue. The very traditional consider it absurd that any woman would even consider not changing her name, while others don’t see the need to. After marriage, women are generally split into three cames regarding the change of name.


  1. Those who change: Some do this out of tradition and some simply love having the same last name with their new husband. It’s a thing of pride for many women and they actively look forward to the change of name. Some women even in singledom mix and match last names with their significant other to get an idea of what their new name will be once vows are exchanged.
  2. Those who hyphenate: Some would call these women in-betweeners. By hyphenating, they keep their maiden name but still incorporate their new husband’s name into their own. Many famous women including Kim Kardashian-West and Omotola Jolade-Ekeinde have hyphenated their names. A major reason for this is when a woman has made a name for herself before getting married and would like to keep the old name for identification sake. Some women also choose this option to create a bit of a middle ground between changing and not changing.
  3. Those who don’t change: Call it feminism, call it disinterest or even call it laziness, but some women never bother to change their last names at all. Some women can’t be bothered to legally make the change. Some women have made a name for themselves before getting married and want to keep that name. Some women just like their maiden names better with their first. Some women are fully against the idea of changing their last names.

Regardless of preference, there is an option for everyone and as long as both parties in the marriage are being treated with respect and love, all should be fine.

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