In my last article I wrote about the different reasons adduced to men cheating. I had an opportunity to sit out with some men and ask pertinent questions on this issue.

Excerpts are hereby reproduced with their consent.

M1: Variety is the game changer. The danger is the excitement that comes with trying. Getting away with it creates a craving that’s unexplainable.

M2: When God created Adam he gave him two eyes. One for Eve and the other for you know who.

M3: Life is all about finding your oasis. When the oasis dries up you need to improvise. Get a fresh oasis.

M4:I believe in the old fashioned and traditional way of life…Never be stuck with ONE when you can have two or more. My spouse knows this part of me and has come to terms with the reality.

M5: I am a hunter by birth. I hunt. Once I stop hunting I get bored and restless. When I met my spouse I was hunting and she knew. Till date I go hunting and she knows there are boundaries I never cross. It just keeps my adrenaline pumping.

M6: Never relinquish your “ freedom to choose “ to anyone. Once you do that you are caged. When I decided to settled down I found life monotonous and boring. At 56 I am single but have a special friend that understands my ways and has come to terms with same.

M7: I am a creative mind. My eyes are independent of my mind. It robes and focuses on the beauty of nature without my
permission. Sometimes it connects and controls my other body parts without my permission. All I do is obey and execute.

M8: I tried remaining faithful once but I failed after 6 years.There are times your spouse is just not in the mood for weeks
and months. I tried. Then one of my staff invited me to a wedding reception and introduced me to her cousin. The remaining is history. I have tried to avoid a repetition but the mind is a memory bank
that keeps bringing back stuff you want to forget. I guess it’s part of being human.

Based on these responses I guess it’s open ended. The reasons vary. There are also men that are faithful and focused based on
personal convictions. Whatever reasons we give it’s imperative that vows once made are kept sacrosanct. Keep yours no matter the circumstances. Keep a date with me next month.

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-Charles O’Tudor

This article was first published in the Genevieve Magazine February Issue.

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