For the September Issue of the Genevieve Magazine, we sat with Chike Osebuka for a chat. His role as ‘Mayowa Badmus’ in ‘Battleground’ is not exactly like him, but you shouldn’t trust an actor; most are always in character. Read on for the chat.

  • So, have you always had this haircut?

I got it back in the day, during my university days. Everyone had it. I thought it looked good. I still think it looks good.

  • You’ve been told you have beautiful eyes?

I’ve been told. Thank you! I’m always glad when I come in contact with people who see and acknowledge good in others.

  • Do you want to talk about not winning two singing competitions; Project Fame and The Voice, after winning, musically, through high school?

…What these shows do is give you exposure and once I got that that was enough. Now I am building on it and I am grateful to have been on those platforms.

  • Was acting always in your plan?

Not really. I’ve always loved entertainment. My family and I spotted my talent for singing first and I immediately tapped into that, but being a lover of art I didn’t mind exploring other art expressions…when the opportunity to be on ‘Battleground’ came, I grabbed it with both hands and auditioned till I got a role.

  • So, playing Mayowa Badmus in ‘Battleground’ is your acting debut; are you prepared for the life of an actor?

I am learning what that means and adapting to the life while blending it with my music. Generally, I have good guidance.

  • On your music: Your debut song; ‘Fancy you’, sounds like a love song.

Yes, it is. It was inspired by the everyday situation where people are critical of who we choose to love, and when you don’t respond to those criticisms, in a way that favors the critics, they begin to feel like you have been bewitched or you are in the relationship for some “gain”. It’s a song that says ‘against all odds, I still love and want you”.

  • Now, let’s see…Say, like guys do, a girl sees you, wherever, and decide to come hit on you, what would you do?

I don’t have a problem with women hitting on men. If the attraction is mutual I’d hit right back!

  • What best describes you: a singer who loves to act or an actor who loves to sing?

An artist who loves the art. Creating is fun for me; be it music or acting. I’m just having fun and living off of it.

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