‘Spiff’ in ‘The Johnsons’ talks starting as a child-star and struggling to pick up where he left off when he choose schooling over acting.   

Winning Best Actor in Comedy at AMVCA 2017 was amazing. I’ll like to say that it has been God all the way. Considering how long I have been in the industry. Its just been God who has done it for me.
Mine has been a journey full of ups and down.

You know I started quite early. At age six. In the nineties. I was famous! I was in ‘Onome part 2’, ‘Conspiracy’, ‘Tears for Love’, etc.

I was this young, naïve boy, having fun. A lot of attention and certain privileges came with being seen on TV; in movies. But as a child, juggling between acting and your education is not so much of an easy thing. Production will not wait for you to get done with school. I was schooling in Ibadan and was always getting pulled out of school to movie locations. It took a toll on my academics. I had to repeat a class and my dad was forced to tell me to take a break. So I took a 6year break: from 2003 to 2009.

When I came back in 2009, I had to start from the scratch. I had grown. People could not recognize me, and that made my face not so relevant anymore. I met people who went, “You get am before no mean say you get am now”, on me. But I didn’t let my faith shake. I kept on persisting. I knew I had the talent. I knew I was called to do this. I became more dedicated. I took advantage of every platform I got. When ‘The Johnsons’ came along, I gave it my best shot. People love it and the award came.

Prior to when the opportunity came to play ‘Spiff’ in ‘The Johnson’s’, I never saw myself as a comical actor. I’ve always gravitated toward drama. But when the opportunity came, I knew I had to nail it. I gave it my best shot and people now think that’s all I can do.

I’m in ‘Armstrong’ by Movie Director; Ruyi Irabor. Its an amazing piece. It shows my talent in a different light. I can’t wait for it to be released.

I will forever be grateful to God for giving me such wonderful parents, who observed and found out what I knew how to do and took steps in encouraging me to pursue it. They were all very supportive. There were times when someone had to travel with me to set. If my dad did not follow me, my mom did. If my mom didn’t, my aunt did.

I don’t regret forfeiting acting for school, it wasn’t a bad choice. Yes, there were times I felt extracted. There were times I’d watch a movie and go “I’m the right person for this. Why am I not in this movie?” I did feel like I was missing out a lot, but most people know how important education is. The plan was for me to focus on school, then come back into the industry when I’m done and that is what I did.

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