Presenting on television and transitioning from one movie location to the next provides the perfect dual occupation balance for NANCY ISIME. RACHEAL ABIRIBA caught up with the award-winning Actress and TV Presenter to chat about her work, style, and the little things that make her unique.

You’re an actress and a TV presenter, how easy has it been to juggle your different careers?

There is nothing you do in this world that is not challenging even those that work 9-5, but having to juggle between being a presenter and being an actor is challenging especially when it comes to time; sometimes I wish I had more than 24 hours in a day. Having to do my daily show on HipTV that and be on Tinsel, which is also a daily soap; and also having to put all my movie projects together [is challenging] but I pull through.

‘Disguise’ the movie is doing so well in the cinemas, how difficult was the process of getting into character as a Nigerian man, for this movie?

It was also challenging but very interesting because I am surrounded by men. When I got the script, and I was offered the role, I decided to watch everybody around me; I decided to watch my man and my friends. When I came onset, I decided to watch all the men in the crew, their mannerisms, and of course, how they work. The director also helped to direct me so that I didn’t go out of character.

It’s difficult to wrap my head around the number of movies you have shot in just a couple of months into the new year. How easy is it for you get out of one character and get into the mind of the next character?

I wouldn’t say it’s entirely difficult. It’s a state of mind and it’s basically while you’re shooting. When I’m on set, before I go on camera, I put myself in that state [of the character]. [Afterwards]I have to go home to the real life so to snap in and out of characters, sometimes you get on set with the help of the director and fellow cast members. You all can make sure it works.

Do you see yourself as a role model for younger women?

The term ‘role model’ is very vast, it puts pressure on you as a human being so I try my best to live my life, I try my best to make my mistakes, because I’m very young, I’m just 26 and I also look up to many people in life. I’d say to the younger generation “if you’re looking up to me as a role model, what I’ll tell you to take from me is my work ethic, don’t take the way I do things because we’re all unique in our own way; try to find yourself, try to do your own thing. You can try to apply my work ethic but I don’t think anything else should be; allow me make my mistakes. Let me live my life.

Is there anybody in Broadcasting in Nigeria, dead or alive, who you would love to have lunch with?

It would be Mo Abudu. She’s shown herself to be one of the most powerful people in broadcasting from when she started out as a presenter to producing, owning a TV station and now owning a production company; definitely Mo. There’d be a lot to talk about, a whole lot to talk about.

Your looks on and off the red carpet are always stylish. What three words best describe your style?

Comfortable, fashionable and Nancyable’ (laughs). It’s basically all about the Nancy factor, I just want to look at myself in the mirror and recognize myself.

What is one thing you know to be true, regardless of what anybody else thinks?

That true love exists somewhere… in there somewhere.

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