Dearest Chinwe,
You are on the right track, you are actually driving at the right pace but make sure to remain on your lane- stay focused.
My darling Chinwe, I write this letter to you as your 30 year old self. I am essentially still you, only I am a little older and wiser. This year has not been particularly easy for you, you took a big leap by moving back to Europe to study. Yes, you are questioning your decision. Perhaps, sticking to event planning in Abuja would have been more secure and could expand your bank account on a monthly basis but this risk you’ve taken will fetch you amazing awards. Please hang in there. In a few months you will be done with studying, please stop considering returning to Nigeria you are not done yet.
You will feel confused in about a month, there would be so many choices to select from and this may cause you to question your direction in life. You see, because of how you periodically engage in conversations with the campus director she has actually grown fond of you and has become one of your greatest supporters here in Milan- I know you do not even realise it yet.
Meanwhile, try to network more with others including your course mates. Indeed you are an introvert but that is not an excuse, try networking via one-on ones as opposed to large groups that drain you. You are doing a good job at it so far and you will get better as time goes by. You’ll find out later that your campus Director distributed copies of your resume to companies across Milan. Make sure you attend all interviews even those that appear extremely difficult. The interview at accenture is going to be tough, they barely speak English at the branch you’ll be having your interview, but speak as much Italian as you can and then be demonstrative when you end up diverting to English. Always know that when there is a will there is a way; and anything is possible if you put your mind to it.
I told you so, you see, you’ve got an array of job offers to select from and yes you are not making a mistake by picking Fitch ratings, as your role will require you to focus on sub-Nationals in Nigeria. You will thrive at this and enjoy it while you do so. The role is contract based and may require you to move to south Africa after a stipulated period but just take it anyway. Chinwe, you are fretting. Why?! Trust God’s plans for you. You were born to shine. I understand that you dislike uncertainties and you may have to relocate soon, plans seem a bit wobbly but stay positive.
Yes, you are now back in Nigeria and still contemplating working at the Fitch office in  South Africa but be open to job opportunities in Nigeria. You never know what could crop up.
Well done my darling Chinwe on your new role and it’s in Nigeria! Make sure you keep equipping yourself and thriving, you must always add value wherever you are and be an asset to whomever you meet. Please work beyond your official role, make an impact and always aspire to inspire. Life will throw a few lemons at you, you will experience some level of turbulence but stay focused and hold firmly to God, you will emerge stronger no matter what. Do not ever dim your light for anything or anyone, always press for progress in every aspect of your life, be active with social impact and contribute to nation building. God’s got you boo and I am super proud of the woman you are becoming.
Letter to my younger self is an excerpt from our March/April Issue, click HERE to get your copy.

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