Christmas is the season for giving and few people inspire us to give more than our besties. Those wonderful humans who drive us crazy and make us sane at the same time. But like all people, picking out appropriate Christmas gifts can be tricky.


Fortunately, we’ve got you covered.


For your fashionista best friend, a cute handbag or purse is always go-to. For both guys and girls, it’s a great idea to look at what items are missing from their closets or what items need to be replaced. This can help form the basis for your gifts.




If your bestie is a music lover, a great set of headphones is a no-brainer. You could also get them a CD of their favorite artist’s music. A very creative gift would be to make a compilation mixtape of their favorite songs or songs that have sentimental value to you.





Gifts also don’t have to be physical items. They can be gift cards or coupons/tickets to a spa, concert or any other thing your bestie might enjoy.



Beyond all of this, you could easily take your best friend out for Christmas. A movie, a meal out or any other activity you enjoy could be a present. Your best friend might just appreciate the memory more than any physical item.


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