Currently the Head at Trellis Group and co-founder of Socially Africa, Adaora Mbelu is a bundle of creativity. Her Instagram is resplendent with invaluable nuggets of wisdom, driven by a strong desire to impact the world by helping people find clarity and position their lights for positivity and success.

This morning, she shared some strong opinions particularly directed at creatives, on the need to improve and strengthen the quality of their creativity:

“Every day on the gram, someone is kickstarting a new event. Pop up events, conference, show, hang outs, prayer sessions etc. I think the expression of creativity is beautiful to see. However, when I see friends who know each other starting pretty much the same event with a different name and a very slight variation… I can’t help but think…Y’all are spreading us too thin. I can’t be at 5 prayer gatherings at the same time, on 5 Fitness apps at the same time, 5 coaching platforms. I love y’all but… please COLLABORATE. 

As an external observer, I can see all the intersections – I can see how if X just works with Y and they use Z’s platform, they’ll make something truly amazing from it, and will have us as loyal customers for life. . .

At the start of this year, I decided to go full throttle on a mission that I’d been nursing for several years… I discovered a few people that had the same mission, and we have come together like Voltron to do these things. I assure you that It’s the best thing since sliced bread. I don’t know who I’m speaking to this morning…YOU need to Collapse, and then Combine! Don’t worry about who gets the Credit. Don’t worry about whose name is used. VOLTRON THIS THING TO LIFE!!!!”

Adaora was also featured on the July 2019 edition of Genevieve Magazine where she spoke about her newly released book “This Thing Called Purpose” and her mission to impact the world.

You can download your copy using the link below. 

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