Necklines are an integral part of an outfit and they don’t have to be plain or boring. These days, pretty much anything can be put on collars to make them stand out. And we do mean anything:


  • Shine Bright Like a Diamond: Your possible love of shiny things can also be taken to your neckline. These days, many brands are getting in on the trend by blinging up their collars and it’s wise to invest in a few glamour tops with embellished collars.



  • Pearls: Pearls are a classic accessory that add sophistication and elegance to everything they touch and your neckline is no exception. From a single pearl for understated elegance to an arrangement of several for a more elaborate loo, pearls are where it’s at!


  • Metalic Details: Spikes, sequins, and all can be used to give an edgy, fierce look to any outfit. The embellishments can be simple, minimalistic details or loud, in-your-face statements. You decide.




  • Artistic Prints: Collages and print designs have made their way into the collar business. The use of images to complement the collar structure is absolutely eye-catching and is sure to show off your artistic side.



So get out there and let those collars pop!

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