When it comes to eyeshadow application, most of us run away from colours or we apply it in a messy manner. Contrary to general belief, colourful eyeshadows are really easy to work with. Here are some tips to get you rocking the most vibrant colours effortlessly!

    We are all made beautifully with unique features. Our eyes come in different array as well. We have eyes with small lids and large upper area (crease), eyes with large lids and small upper area (crease) and eyes with large lids and large upper area (crease).
    Your crease is the upper part of your eyes that you see when your eyes are open, just under your brows. When you touch it with your fingers; you won’t readily feel your eyeballs. Your lid is the lower part that stops at your lash line. When you touch it, you feel your eyeballs.
    Now that’s settled, coloured eye shadow can work with any of these eyes.
    This is very essential as it holds your eye shadow in place, reduces fallout, pops the colour and makes blending easier. It’s the first base your eyelids should have before any eye shadow goes on.
    You can prime your eyes with an eyeshadow primer or with a liquid concealer/highlight in any shade that best highlights your skin. When using your eyeshadow primer, you should apply only on the lid but blend evenly. Avoid harsh lines between your lid and your crease, so that when you apply your eyeshadow, it comes out evenly. When using liquid concealer, you can apply all over the eye but focus on your lid because that’s where the pigment shows. Make sure you blend your concealer well before applying your eye shadow. A little trick here is to use a small blending brush for application.
    To be on the safe side, start off using only one shade all through. Focusing on your eye lid and blending off on the crease. The trick is to have a good eye shadow brush for the base (eyelid) and a blending brush for the crease. Make sure you blend harsh lines properly. Another thing to note is, instead of sweeping your products over your eye lid, tap or dab the products onto them. This will retain the pigment of the eye shadow and the colours will pop! Then with a circular motion, blend the crease. It is called ‘blown out’ eye shadow application.

    When it comes to mixing colourful shades, you have to use warm colours for the crease. Colours like red, orange, purple and pink will work for the crease. While colours like blue, yellow, green, should be used for the eyelids.
    You have to use shades that complement each other like red and blue, yellow and purple.
    You can mix up to three or four shades on the eyes; try, yellow, blue, red and orange.
    Don’t worry you won’t look scary.. Lol.
    All you need to do is blend each shade into the next shade at their meeting point. Example, we are starting with the eyelid, yellow goes first because it’s the brightest shade here, it starts close to the tear duct, then blue comes up next, we blend the part where both colours meet, the red comes next, now we are close to the outer corner of the eyes and a little to the crease, again blend where blue meets red and lastly orange comes up, and here we need a really fluffy blending brush because it’s mostly on the crease. And like we said earlier, the crease shade should not be too much; to ensure the blending comes out seamless.
    To give that beautifully coloured eyes a defined look, we will line the eye with black. This pops the colours even more.
    You can go with tight lining, winged eye or regular lining that starts from the beginning to the end of your top eyeline.
    Tight lining is lining really close to your lashes it’s barely obvious you’ve lined your eyes. Winged lining is creating a wing at the outer corner of your eyes. All of these help to define your eyes. You can use either a gel liner or liquid liner or a felt tip pen for the upper eye lining.
    And for the inner eye lining, you can use a pencil or gel liner.

FINALLY… You can either fix some falsies or just throw in lengthening or volumizing mascara for that final effect. And voila! We are ready to take over the world!
Give it a try, practice again and again and in no time you will be rocking coloured eye shadows effortlessly.

For live demonstration of eyeshadow application, kindly visit @zaroncosmetics on YouTube.

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