Have you ever experienced that nostalgic indescribable feeling that comes when you eat your favorite comfort food? Well I had that recently when I visited Enugu, you see that’s my town, grew up there, and did practically everything from Kindergarten to college before I left in 2008.

I have a very special love for one of the delicacies from that part of town, hot Okpa with a chilled bottle of coca cola, you know those ones that sweat (cue in the hallelujah music) oh my! My mouth is watering just typing Okpa and Coke in one sentence, ok! Back to the gist, this delicacy is so good that it goes straight to a part of the brain that I cannot begin to describe. It is a popular and almost favorite of anyone who lives or grew up in Enugu, it brings comfort like nothing else.

There’s a popular joke that says ‘”Okpa di oku (hot Okpa) has been saving Enugu residents since 1900”….. you better believe that.

I am not a chef so I won’t be reeling out recipes but what I will do is to give an overview of where Okpa comes from. It is made from Bambara Groundnut or Bambara Beans that is grinded into a paste or flour.  I remember it was a breakfast staple in my house while growing up, although we didn’t have it with coca cola, it was paired with a hot beverage.

I’m certain we all have a food that make us feel better or leaves us nostalgic after having them. Dishes that awaken those childhood memories you have tucked away also bringing great comfort and joy.

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