Mommy and me fashion is huge. From Instagram accounts to entire fashion lines, mothers are clamoring to coordinate outfits with their little bundles of joy. The trend isn’t new either: for decades, mothers have had clothes sewn to match with their kids. When done right, it can be an absolute show-stopper and is sure to delight the little ones.


  • Mommy and me Aso Oke: An African traditions for ages, stopping the show in matching Lace, Ankara etc is not only suggested but required. The Owambe scene isn’t ready for the mother-child dynamic duo.


  • Slay in Casuals: The outfit coordination doesn’t have to be all fancy and dressed up, casual wear can be coordinated and look effortless.


  • Evening Wear: You and your child can own the night in matching outfits that make you center of attention at any event.


  • Colour-match: Why not go all out? You can match from head to toe with your little one.


  • Simple and Classy: Need we say more?

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