“I wish i had bigger boobs like Kim Kardashian”

“I want an ass like Omotola Jalade”

“Wish i had the perfect hourglass shape”

We see people heading over to cosmetic doctors to get things they feel insecure about changed. Over the last few decades, the number of people getting cosmetic surgery has definitely taken a huge leap. Now, we see more countries not accepting of it at first beginning to have more people be interest.

With over 10s of millions of procedures taking place ever year, normally done to give a fresher and more youthful look, but we get people who do not seem to know when to stop. It is normal to have flaws and want them to be changed but when you begin to find flaws when there are none, that is where the issue is. Sometimes people who continue to have plastic surgery over and over again in the search of perfection are said to be suffering from a mental condition called BDD (Body Dysmorphic Disorder). This disorder causes a person to focus on a bodily flaw, usually very small or imagined, to the point of obsession. Their attempts to fix their “problem” lead to overdoing it in the cosmetic surgery arena.

In Nigeria, we have always seen women who even considered the idea be demeaned. The demand for cosmetic surgery has spread to Nigeria and is no longer just the preserve of the rich and famous. The idea of perfection has fueled the hunger for people to get any possible treatment they can afford. But has the definition of perfection been taken too far?

We took it to twitter to get your opinions on plastic surgery in Nigeria. Here are a few tweets of what people had to say:

“I really don’t see anything wrong with it. if you don’t feel comfortable with your body and theres a way out, you can give it a shot.” – @jorlahjannie

“it makes me extremely angry to see people of God pimped out by wolves with bad cosmetic surgery” – @revlaurelj

“i got a press release the other day about women in their 20s being the ones opt into cosmetic surgery right now. That shit is so sad.” – @bangsandabun

“Vanity..Improve your personality not looks..” – @sirchimarc01

There is a pletera of procedures that people choose from. From lip fillers down to full body reconstructive procedures. We have people pushing the boundries now with procedures like removing some ribs for a smaller waist, Vaginoplasty which is the removal of excess skin in the vagina, Facial reconstruction where women change the size or structure of their features, surgery for creating Facial dimples on the cheeks and other uneccesary procedures.

All these excessive procedures cause “Botched” results. then you are caused to want to go back to fix it but it gets even worse.

Image result for surgery for dimples Image result for botched surgery

We do not judge anyone’s decision to get anything more done but let’s not push the limits and let’s make sure it isfor the right reasons

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