We still cannot fathom how much time has passed since we were put out of our wedding dress melancholy as the stunning Kate Middleton turned heads entering Webster Abbey an Alexander McQueen bride and the entire world !

The Dutchess of Cambridge’s fashion portfolio is one we can not quit obsessing over. She’s a fashion icon at every event and definitely knows how to leave an impression, whether she’s in a winter coat or summer dress, Kate’s reputation as a modern day style icon is undefeated thanks to her meticulous wardrobe.

The Dutchess, with the help of her stylist, Natasha Archer use official royal tours to experiment with her aesthetic and have both single handedly joined forces to re-define fashion for many.

The gorgeous Dutchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton comes clutch at every official tour or even on a calm cozy day out . Kate could go from stark solid white to a burst of blooms as a print style on whatever she puts on , Kate Middleton is one fashion bigwig to keep up with. Her styles are extremely inspirational and one could pick up a thing or two from it and turn heads just as well as the Dutchess does.

Here are some of Kate’s iconic outfits we fell in love with over and over again.

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