I have nurtured the thought of dyeing my fro for what seems to be like forever but each time I remember all the bad stuff bleach would do to my curls, I just respect myself because nobody has time for adding damage control to my busy schedule!
Well, I set out to pamper my hair with a henna treatment as it has so many benefits (just like other ayurveda herbs) and I ended up dyeing it accidentally lol. I wasn’t even angry at all (#WhenAnErrorBecomesADreamComeTrue lol).
Henna is known to condition the hair so expect a super manageable mane after using a henna treatment, it helps combat dandruff, gives your hair a healthy shine, stimulates growth and even gives more texture to your hair so it becomes fuller over time yep! all that good stuff but what makes it even juicier is it can be used to achieve a reddish brown hair color without endangering your curls. whoop!
Excited to try this? Whether you are trying to get all the other benefits of henna or trying to color your hair with it, here are my top tips:
1.) Please wear gloves; my hands and fingers turned red and I had a wedding to attend that weekend, what happened? I don’t even want to get into that…

2.) Unlike other ayurvedic herbs, use metal bowls/plates/spoons while mixing this paste, this helps it to oxidize which is very important for henna.
3.) Protect your skin by sealing with butters or oils, just looking out for you so you don’t stain your forehead and ears.
4.) The color pay off heavily depends on the processing time, if you want to just condition your hair, please process for only 30 minutes but if you to properly dye your hair, process it overnight.
5.) After applying it on your hair, leave it for 30 minutes to 1 hour (depending on your objective) and use a steam cap to aid circulation and penetration of the paste.
6.) Feel free to explore with your paste. Mine had henna powder (of course lol), black tea, egg white, honey and olive oil.
7.) Finally, wash your hair with a moisturising shampoo or a co-wash afterwards and voila, you are good to go!
Have you used henna for your hair before? share your experience with me and let me know if you will be trying it this weekend so you can bounce into the new week with a healthy mane and fresh color like #bang…

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