When we present our facts and figures that the feminine gender has always been susceptible to all forms of attack and vulnerable to the most inhumane treatment, people would think we’re only trying to make a case when not necessary. Now another evil has struck and 110 more innocent girls are hanging in the balance. How cruel!

It’s hard to point exactly the direction this whole saga is taking, but we have come to a point when we need to place good value on the lives of people in Nigeria. On the 14th of April 2014, 276 girls were kidnapped from Government secondary school, Chibok in Borno State. This act left several families in mental shamble and even up to date, just a fraction of the total number have been released. Another has struck!

Chibok before and Dapchi now; how many more of our innocent children will be kidnapped before we stand up to address this menace? How important will Education be in the north, since its centres are home to heartless terrorists whose motives are not clear in the scheme of things? How long do parents have to live in fear?

In my early years as a journalism student, I was taught that the effect of News is usually based on proximity; but i’d tell you categorically that though I am 688 miles (1,109km) from Yobe state, this situation stabs my heart badly. We have read the countless stories emanating from the far north about how girls are constantly made to face dehumanizing treatments on all fronts,not realizing that these children are teenagers with feeble minds. These acts naturally alter the proper functioning of their minds and they might grow up to blame and hate the society; practically holding a perpetual grudge against the world.

Even as the updates of the Dapchi saga keep popping up on my timeline across all my social media platforms, my heart bleeds with pain. I am worried about the safety of these children; the psychological and physical torture; the sleepless nights; the endless tears and the mounting despair each passing day.

Of the missing girls, eight are in JSS1; 17 in JSS2; 12 in JSS3; 40 in SSS1; 19 in SSS2 and 14 in SSS3. Their ages range from 11 to 19 years; teenagers! for crying out loud. At this point, we have to call out relevant agencies both home and abroad to intervene and bring these kids home to their parents. The hardship in the country is enough for the parents, an additional burden of a missing child or children will be suicidal. If we must act, we must act now and save our face from public shame; posterity’s inquisition and the wrath that comes with being foolish to sensitive matters.

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