Sometimes as women, it can seem like your own body is attacking you and going out of its way to make you feel uncomfortable. That pretty much sums up bloatedness. Bloatedness is the feeling of being heavier, fuller and overall out of place in your own body. They notoriously occur sometimes during, before or after periods. Sometimes, they have little to do with the menstrual cycles and just happen periodically. They are generally out of our control but can be managed with a few steps.


  • Dress the part: Bloatedness almost always leads to discomfort in your own body. Don’t make it worse by dressing in an uncomfortable manner. This isn’t the time for tight-fitting dresses or short skirts with heels. Wear loose, light and comfortable clothing that helps you feel more at ease within yourself.


  • Eat light: Eating in large portions when you already feel unnaturally full isn’t helping anyone. Eat light meals and lots fruits instead.


  • Drink water: You don’t need any special reason to drink water, but when you’re feeling bloated, water in your system will help you feel refreshed and renewed.


  • Sleep: This needs little explanation. When you’re feeling perpetually uncomfortable, rest goes a long way.

Woman Sleeping in Bed — Image by © John-Francis Bourke/Corbis

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