Periods bring a lot of things: cramps, mood swings and even bloatedness, but one of the most bittersweet side effects of mother nature’s monthly gifts is cravings.

Cravings aren’t brought on solely by periods, rather by hormonal changes which occur even during pregnancy. Many women can agree to desperately wanting or being totally disgusted by certain foods at certain times of the month. The type of food varies greatly though. Some women develop an appetite for spicy foods while others want sweet foods. It even happens that women become disinterested and even repulsed by their favorite foods. Some women’s cravings don’t discriminate: they simply want to eat everything and anything and can get quite irritable if they are unable to. Period cravings don’t have to be inconveniencing. With prior preparation, carvings can be managed.


  • Know Thyself: The easiest way to manage anything is to first understand it, and cravings are no different. Every woman’s body is different and so it’s important to know your own carvings cycle. Some women begin having cravings before their periods, some during and some after. KNkow what your own cycle is. Alos study what types of foods you tend to crave. Is it spicy food? Sweet food? All food? Knowing is the first step to managing cravings.

  • Stock up: If you know you’ll want chocolates at a certain time of the month, stock up on chocolates. Same thing with every other food that you are known to crave. Some women even create ‘period packages’ with their favorite foods packed in a basket or box.

  • Or don’t stock up: If you crave certain foods that you are supposed to avoid, whether for health reasons or otherwise, it’s best to make sure that they are out of reach during your craving cycle. If you tend to crave chocolate but are supposed to be cutting down on sugar, it’s best to not have boxes of chocolate around the house. Your self-will is reduced when you’re having cravings and it’s best not to tempt yourself.

  • Self-Control: Period cravings compel women to eat certain foods. They, however, do not force you to eat any food in any quantity. While self-control is lowered during that time, it is best to exercise self-control. It’s probably not a good idea to eat a family-sized tub of ice-cream. Treat yourself and enjoy, but practice some moderation.

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