Although I am one of those people who hardly attend weddings, I have attended a fair number of weddings and I have a good understanding of the things that could go wrong at those events. From a baby crying out when the Priest has asked for anyone who doesn’t think that the ceremony should hold to come out, to the awkward groomsman’s speech, I have come to realise that things can go whatever way it decides to go at weddings. But for the couple, their families, the wedding planners, and other vendors that participated in making the wedding a success, there is just so much that can be done to make the day as dreamy as it was intended to be. The pressure to create the ‘perfect day’ is enough to break anybody. But, realist that I am, I will be giving you some of my best advice for dealing with mishaps that may come up on or during a wedding ceremony.

  • Expect Anything 

The best advice I can give is for everyone to come together as a team to make the event perfect while expecting that something can go wrong. Once everyone has this understanding, it will be easier to deal with or react to every mishap objectively. This does not mean that you should sit at the edge of your seat and wait for things to go wrong instead of having fun. By all means, have fun. But be ready to deal with problems as they come.

  • Have A Sense Of Humour

Seeing a bit of humour in everything that happens will help take some pressure off you and make it easier to deal with whatever the problem is. It may not feel like it at that point, but some mishaps can even add character and make your event more memorable.

  • Perfection Is ‘Almost’ Unachievable

There is very little that a good laugh or good glass of champagne can’t cure. But being prepared and flexible are crucial elements to not letting a mistake turn into a drama.

  • Uninvited Guests

This is Nigeria. We do ‘uninvited plus ones’ very well. The ‘RSVP’ option on the invitation cards are almost useless. So the best thing you can do is have extra place settings on hand that can be added to an existing table or even an additional table that can be added or removed easily.

  • Wardrobe Malfunction

This a common occurrence that is bound to happen, if not to the bride or groom, then to a member of the bridal or groom train. Sewing kits, duct tape, spare buttons, etc, should be on hand in case of any such malfunction.

  • Inappropriate Wedding Speeches

Although most speeches don’t go too far, but we have all seen the best man who tells a long “bro” story that has nothing to do with the couple, or the drunk uncle who slurs while talking about how sexy the bride is. There’s actually nothing much that anyone can do to prevent this, but if you are concerned that a particular speaker might go in that direction, ask someone close to them to gently remind them that a wedding speech is not roast, or offer to help them with their speech ahead of time.  Humour is welcome but nobody wants to hear about the bride or groom’s former sexcapades.

  • Know Your DJ

Get to know your DJ before your big day seeing that he/she will be in control of a big part of the event. Let them know exactly what you want, and if possible, put together a playlist of the songs you want to be played that day so that they don’t go off plan.

  • Drunk Guests

For whatever reason, there are those people who will always get drunk at events. These guests need to have an eye kept on them to make sure they don’t inadvertently hurt themselves or others, or get in their cars while drunk. Make sure the wedding planner gives them lots of water and assigns a strong usher to escort them. It’s also smart to seat them next to someone who can take care of them.

  • Inappropriately Dressed Guests

We’ve all seen them, guests who either have no clue, don’t care if they are inappropriate, or they don’t just care about your dress codes and all. All you can do is live with it and maybe have another glass of champagne.

  • Cake Crises

Wedding cakes are often displayed prominently and proudly as they await that symbolic photo moment when the bride and groom cut it and feed it to each other. So when something goes awry with the cake, wedding planners go into full rescue mode. From using flowers to cover imperfections to turning cakes around so the problem area faces a wall, there are ways to deal with cake crises so there’s no need to cause a scene.

But, no matter what happens, weddings are to be enjoyed, for reconnecting with friends and family that have not been seen in a while, and for creating memories. The mishaps are there to spice things up so keep calm and deal with them.

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