A family is one of the most important things in life. They are our rock during hard times, our crowd during good times and are one of the building blocks of our existence. They can also be a huge pain at times. As much as we love family, they can and will get on our nerves at times, particularly when it comes to being nosy and all up in our business.


Nosy relatives have become a famous trope in their own right and during times like the holidays when families gather together, it can get so much worse with questions about one’s life, relationships, finances and so on coming into play. Here are a few tips to deal with nosy relatives.


The first tip is to limit the supply of information from the get-go. If you are in the habit of sharing intimate details of your life whether asked for or unsolicited, it opens to door for people to become comfortable prying into your personal affairs. Have a trusted relative or two who you are able to confide in (these relatives being close to you and not the type to tell your business about town) and keep a respectable distance between yourself and others.


After deciding who want to confide in and who you don’t want to, your next step would be to create boundaries. If a relative asks a prying question (without any good intentions), respectably decline to answer or give a neutral answer (such as ‘it’s fine’ or ‘good’). This shuts down any further prying in a respectable manner.


The third and most important step is to…….live your life. That is it. One of the biggest reason that people get anxious about nosy relatives is that they are afraid of being judged by them. This leads to us telling lies, fabricating stories and being self-conscious. When we free ourselves of this and allow ourselves to live our best lives, relatives being nosy won’t bother us as much.

Creating boundaries and refusing to be coerced sets the foundation for dealing with nosy relatives. On top of this, respect and security in one’s own life come into play.

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