Everyone experiences mood swings at one point or the other, some more than others. It can be utterly frustrating sometimes: suddenly going from hot to cold and vice versa. It could also be sudden moodiness or disinterest. Either way, they can be a real pain to deal with and if not taken care of, can hinder daily life. With a few easy steps, however, the effect on mood swings can be significantly reduced.

  • Study yourself: For many women, mood swings are linked to their menstrual cycle: the changes in hormones lead to a change in overall mood. In this case, the first step is to study your mood patterns with regards to your menstrual cycle. You might find yourself becoming hungrier towards your period or more agitated. Others find themselves happier as their period approaches or more irritable. Studying these patterns will help to anticipate a change in mood and plan life around it.
  • Plan around mood swings: Once a pattern of behavior has been established, the next step is to adjust life around the mood swings. If you carve sweet things at a certain time, stock up the house with nice treats (or avoid them if you’re restricting). If you’re going to be very moody at certain times, it’s best to mentally prepare for it.
  • Warn others: This might seem weird, but others don’t know your menstrual cycle and so the accompanying mood swings will likely catch them by surprise. We’re not advocating telling everyone your biological business, but texting your bestie and alerting her that you’ll be a bit distant this week would be very considerate. Or telling your significant other that you won’t be in a very good mood for a few days can avoid conflict.
  • Take care of yourself: Mood swings can be stressful and physically draining. To combat this, treat yourself to something relaxing. This could be a spa trip, a nice bath or your favorite snack. The less stressed you feel, the better.

Mood swings are often inevitable but with prior planning and some pampering, the stress factor can be significantly diminished.

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