Being a parent is no walk in the park. There are frustrating times where you feel like you are always buying and doing for your kids and that is okay. You are a parent and that is expected of you. As long as you are always there for your children by providing for them, which includes their needs and their wants, everything else should fall into place.

Have you been putting off buying you a pair of shoes that you have been eyeballing for months? Have you been to the spa to just relax? Have you purchased a few pair of jeans and tops just for you?

Many may say, “What parent isn’t doing for themselves?” Well to be honest, everyone isn’t financially able to splurge on the things they want when they have children. Think about a child’s expenses. You have daycare, diapers or pull ups, extracurricular activities, uniforms, field trips, and so much more. Every time you look up, they have something coming up. But, that is not an excuse to not do for you. Put a few coins aside each check to make your big purchases or do for you one month and do for the kids the following.

Outsiders will respond with, “Well, stop having so many kids.” That is not always the case. Some of us may have one or two and if they are young, daycare is going to be really expensive. Nowadays, daycare cost about $130 and up per week, not to mention a box of diapers which are about $25 a box. Most of us just want to give our children the world.

There are ways to do for yourself, you just have to prioritize and save. Don’t feel like a bad parent because you want to do for you. Every once in a while we have to splurge on ourselves too.

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