There are some views that have been seen as ‘facts’ about PCOS and this section will treat the most popular ones.

By Ammy (That PCOS Chick)

1.A woman with PCOS can never get pregnant-

This is not true. PCOS makes it difficult to get pregnant not impossible. PCOS affects regular ovulation and where there is no ovulation, there can be no pregnancy. So once the issue of anovulation has been addressed, she can get pregnant, and naturally too without fertility treatments.

2. PCOS is caused by the woman.

As mentioned above, PCOS is caused by genetic and environmental factors. No woman with PCOS caused her PCOS. It’s not what she ate or drank or did. It’s something she was born with.

3. Weight loss is the first step to treating PCOS.

Weight gain associated with PCOS is caused by various hormonal imbalances. So working on weight loss without first addressing the underlying reason for the weight gain as mentioned above, is not going to treat PCOS.

4. PCOS can be cured.

PCOS presently has no cure, it can only be managed. The symptoms can be suppressed through nutrition and lifestyle changes and the woman can go on to live a normal life but once she stops doing the things that made her feel better, PCOS comes back with a revenge.

5. You don’t need to worry about it until you want to have kids.

PCOS doesn’t only affect fertility. PCOS increases the risk of heart disease, diabetes, endometrial cancer and fatty liver.

6. You need to go dairy-free and gluten-free to treat PCOS.

You mustn’t go dairy-free and gluten-free to manage PCOS except you have intolerances. Some women can conveniently take them while some women may need to avoid them. To know if you need to avoid them, leave them out of your diet for 4 weeks, reintroduce them and notice how you feel, watch out for any signs of reaction e.g bloating, acne etc.

7. You need to avoid carbs.

Your body needs carbs for energy. Completely avoiding carbs can put a lot of stress on your body thereby worsening your PCOS symptoms. Instead, balance your meals appropriately with carbs, protein, healthy fats and fibers.

In conclusion, you can live a normal life with PCOS. Don’t ever feel like you are alone or that you are less than a woman. PCOS doesn’t define you. You are not your PCOS and it’s not your fault that you have PCOS.

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