Denola Grey born Denola Adepetun, is a Media Personality, Fashion Consultant, Style Blogger, Actor and Fashion Writer.

He is a graduate of Media Business from Baylor University, Texas.

In 2008, he got his first job as an intern in CMC. Whee he was responsible for various management activities. This experience helped him learn a lot about the corporate structure of companies. Denola also participated in brainstorming sessions and wrote press releases for this company.

In 2010, he began working for Fruition Image Consulting. One of his main tasks was to consult clients about company products and create press-releases.

By 2012, Denola started a career at PRC consulting. It was the first time when he assisted with the organisation of New York Fashion Week. He also assisted in organising launching parties for ACNE Paper magazine. At PRC, he got meet with celebrities and work with fashion magazines.

In 2013, he worked as an intern at Walter Baker. His main task was to supervise the social media activities of the company on Tumblr, Instagram, and Pinterest. He also created logos for publications and clothes.

2014, he moved to Lagos and continued his career in the fashion industry with ALARA Lagos where he worked with various clients and closed the sales of items worth up to $2000. He also advised executives about marketing potential of their products. This helped him to get more experience in creating, promoting and selling of brand products.

At the end of 2014, Denola Grey decided that it was his time to start his own business. He created a media profile which opened doors into the fashion world, and invitations to visit red carpets, host TV programs and endorse brands.

Denola Grey co-produced entertainment news and shows, like EL NOW on Ebony Life. He also co-directed and co-produced various fashion projects, like Glam Squad on Africa Magic.

His main area of expertise is fashion writing and designing. Denola Grey Blog ( is one of the most successful internet web pages when it comes to Fashion in Nigeria.

Denola Grey is a guy who strongly believes in self expression with the aid of fashion. This is evident in his individuality and show of personal style.

His persona, style, has revolutionized the fashion industry in Nigeria.

Denola has worked with Orange Culture, and he is one of the Brand Ambassadors for LFDW. As an ambassador, he talks a lot about the fashion industry of Nigeria and the possibilities.

Launching his acting career, he recently acted alongside RMD and Eku Edewor in the TV series, Castle & Castle.

Denola says he got his big break in 2014. In his own words :

“I would definitely say 2014, the year I launched my website. I teamed up Toyosi Kekere-Ekun and we shot some pictures for my website ( ) In June of that year, the launch was very well-received and I started writing for Bella Naija. I got my first TV offer with Ebony Life in November of that year and also went to some events, which gave me some great red carpet moments.

What’s most interesting about Denola Grey is how he manages to keep his personal life private, while connecting with his 81,000 plus followers on Instagram.

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