If you live in the Lekki environs, you might have heard of the new games spot R & B that seems to be all the rave. What you might not have noticed is the array of fine dining restaurants occupying the same building as they do. My first impression when I drove into the magnificent building was wow! I did not know we had something of this edifice tucked away here.
Riding the elevator up, I couldn’t decide which of the restaurants in the building to settle for. You see there was the Oriental restaurant, the Seafood restaurant and then the Rooftop lounge; I eventually decided to check out all three before settling with Chai Tang – the oriental fine dining space.


Stepping through the doors of the restaurant immediately transports you to China Town.

The décor artistically captures the finer details of the oriental ambiance. The space is also quite huge so one can get overwhelmed at first but that’s easy to get over.

Everything is tastefully done and even the bathroom has a waiting area lined with couches so you can maybe take a break? The waiters are attentive, friendly and knowledgeable, which is a huge plus in Lagos where waiters often don’t know the contents of the menu.


First of all, all three courses we ordered took a while to come to us especially starter and dessert. They also had no bread or chips to keep one’s hunger and starvation at bay while we eagerly awaited the food. The dessert came a full 30 minutes after the main, which was odd considering we ordered everything at the same time and they should have been done with it much earlier.

Anyway, for starters we had the Prawn Balls and Won Ton soup. These were very tasty and I highly recommend everyone tries that. The Prawn Balls were quite expensive for a starter at N6,000.

For mains we ordered the Chow Mein, Special Fried Rice, Pork in Black Bean Sauce and Fish Schezwan. These were okay but not very impressive; I’ve had much better oriental food at a fraction of the cost.

The dessert when it eventually came made up for the wait. I had the Toffee Caramel Pudding and it was absolutely delicious! It was smart of them to deviate from Oriental for dessert options as we all know the Orients don’t exactly have great dessert.


There’s an abundance of parking space in the building so not worrying about this was definitely a relief.

Overall, I think this place has immense potential especially with the proximity to the ocean. I just hope the core oriental dishes would taste better as I imagine people paying top dollar (or naira in this case) for Asian food, would expect the very best.

Chinelo Ngene is the curator of House Of Tasty an online community of food lovers. Her passions vary from food tasting, restaurant reviews and exploring unusual recipes. Even though an avid epicure, she insists that cooking is not her calling. Chinelo dreams of a world where she can travel around different continents eating her way through life but until that alternate reality comes to be, she spends her days as a Brand Marketing Expert.

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