There’s a popular saying among many women that guys make better best friends. According to them, they prefer guys for a variety of reasons, some of the most popular being that they are less stressful, come with less drama and are less likely to backstab them.

This has sparked a long-standing debate from all sides of the opinion spectrum. Some support the idea of having a  best friend of the opposite sex, some are indifferent and some are opposed to the idea as a whole.

One would want to ask why exactly some women would deliberately seek out guys as best friends. Some might have bought into the romanticized rom-com cliche (which usually ends in them falling in love). Some want a pseudo-boyfriend who will satisfy their need for male attention and affection without crossing the boyfriend line.

Some women truly just get along better with guys. This could be due to growing up with many boys, a natural tomboy behavior or simply an in-born connection.

Best friendships between guys and girls is controversial in its own right. It’s often thought that guys and girls can’t truly be just friends and there must be an undertone of romantic tension. Or that one must be secretly in love with the other. Some people ignorantly assume that a girl with a guy best friend must be promiscuous.

One of the biggest road bumps is when one half of the friendship enters into a relationship. Some people have found their significant others resentful of their best friends or suspicious. On a Reddit thread, one lady complained about her boyfriend’s best friend who she claimed saved her boyfriend’s name as ‘baby’ and was too affectionate.

No two people or friendships are the same and while it can’t be said definitively that any one gender makes better best friends, they do come with their own set of challenges.

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