Love is probably one of the most unexplainable feelings we all will experience at one point in our lives. We hear people use the word every second but do people know the depth of what the word means. We all experience love in different ways affected by education, age, gender, life experiences and cultural background.

Imagine this scenario, “I went to a grocery store, minding my business – reaching out to grab a box of Frosties and it drops. I bend over to pick it up and my hand touched this handsome man reaching out to pick it up for me and we locked eyes. I lose all track of thought and start a conversation. Now we are happily married”

Would you call this love at first sight?

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Not to say I believe in love at first sight or not, I’d call experiencing it when you feel a ‘spark’ for a stranger on seeing him or her for the first time. In that moment, you believe within yourself that you have found your match. It is weird, you feel this sense of pull towards wanting to talk to them or getting to know them. But – and this is a huge but, there is a difference in Love and attraction.

We get a lot of people who believe in attraction at first sight where you can see someone from across the room, like the way they look and want to meet them. Then maybe after introducing yourself and a few conversations and a meet up, you could start dating which could eventually lead to then maybe falling in love. That is the ideal process people believe in.

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According to scientists, when you see a person of the opposite sex, the brain stimulates a cocktail of chemicals like epinephrine into the nervous system. This gives you a pleasant outlook of life and makes you react romantically towards him or her. The greater the stimulation, the greater your emotional feeling. Then as we grow and imagine what we want in our future partners, those qualities are registered into our sub-conscious mind.

People are different. Some people have a natural mind set already looking for a relationship. Meeting someone with the exact same mind set might be what people call love at first sight.

Then again, we do not know it all. People say they’ve experienced love at first sight, people say they don’t believe in it. So tell us. Do you believe in love at first sight? Do you think it’s possible to see Mr. or Mrs. Right from afar and just know instantly that they’re “the one”?

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