Welcome to the age of nakedness being the new sexy.

Where women of intelligence and dignity are not looked out for as much as those naked on instagram with 1000 likes on their pictures.

Remember the saying,“Dress how you’d like to be address”. With a lot of women definitely feeling that the way they dress shouldn’t determine the type of woman they are, there are some people that feel the complete opposite that you are addressed how you present yourself.

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Unfortunately, we live in a society where people are going to assume the worst of you just by the way you present yourself. One of the biggest controversies we have especially as women is knowing the difference between dressing sexy and dressing slutty. It seems that some women confuse the two and don’t understand why they are being addressed in certain ways. There are definitely different definitions of slutty to different people, so that needs to go into consideration. Some people even think the two are the same. We are here to tell you that they are NOT the same in any way.

One of the biggest mistakes people make is thinking the only way to look sexy is by showing skin. There are plenty of women who can make sweatpants and a t-shirt look sexy and guess the secret behind it – How you carry yourself. Don’t get me wrong, you can show skin and still be sexy without being slutty but you need to know what part of your body is borderline okay to show.

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Rihanna making casual outfits look sexy

For example, men love a woman in a simple but sexy black dress from the perfect fit of it to her sexy red bottom heels. You are not showing too much skin but who said anything was wrong with a little bit of cleavage.

Now when it comes to dressing like a slut, it changes things a little bit. Women who are considered as sluts like to show every bit of there skin, no matter the ocassion – They Love to be NAKED!

Although some women feel that their clothes shouldn’t determine the type of woman they are, it does. If roles were reversed, imagine going on a blind date and the guy walks in with saggy pants. You would assume the worst of the type of person they are.

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My parents always said to me, “You never get a second chance to make the first impression.”

What is your idea of sexy?

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