They say that the fastest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Well, I don’t know how true that is but one thing I know is that the fastest way to be friends with me is by getting me food. Just kidding! (Really not kidding.)

I love food! Especially if it is hot, spicy, and has an assortment of meat and fish. I have been told that my ‘village people’ will use food to get themselves not me, but, who believes in ‘village people’ anyway when you have got a hot plate of Ofada Rice with the red spicy peppered sauce that is too thick for the pieces of meat in it to breathe fresh air?! Lord have mercy!

The work week ends today, the Independence Weekend starts immediately on its heels, and I am just here strategizing on how to spend the entire weekend eating my way through Lagos while indulging in some of the best meals (and related things) that I have missed out on for a while. So, if you are a foodie like me, read on about my plan to eat all weekend long.


Oh! How have I missed my pizza dates with my younger sister? I have been dreaming of having my favourite thick-crusted Tex-Mex pizza for the longest and I can’t wait to get to Dominos Pizza for some.


Now, what’s Pizza without ice cream? Cold Stone has been making me happy since 1700. But a friend introduced me to cup of ice cream from Hans and Rene that was white and pink and had sprinkles. Although I am not a big fan of sprinkles, I plan on spending an insane amount of my time trying out all the flavours Hans and Rene has to offer me.


Ever heard of Burgers and Shakes? I took a sip of someone’s Oreos shakes some days ago and dear God, that was the best Oreo shakes I have ever tasted till date! Can’t wait to go get mine.

  • SUYA

This is probably just my ‘long throat’ talking but I have missed having Suya for dinner. I need to show some love to University of Suya since I am not a member of the other club that has one of the best suya you can get in Lagos.


The last time I had the buffet at Eka Abo Restaurant at Intercontinental Hotel, I was amazed at how affordable it was considering how expensive Intercontinental Hotel is for a small girl like me. (Really not being humble)

So there you have it. What plans do you have for eating through this weekend or any places you think I can try out?

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