Our collection this year features a regal yet contemporary style of traditional bridal and occasion jewelry and evokes emotions of love, joy, and laughter which the mother of the bride, the bride and her siblings/ sister(s) totally experience on the special day.

We are absolutely honoured to have the quintessential Ego Boyo, Veteran Actress and now Producer, Director the latest blockbuster “ The Ghost and The House Of Truth” @officialegoboyo model as our mother of the bride for this particular campaign.

The EGO necklace set, a coral necklace set with fresh water pearl details, is named after Ego Boyo and featured in the series along with many other beautiful and versatile jewelry sets in this season’s campaign.

We believe that whether you are a part marriage ceremony directly as the bride or are affiliated to it by relationship the joy experienced is second to none and beyond description, we do hope that this collection spreads that much joy out there to everyone who decides to experience the collection.

We have decided that our first 5 buyers get free tickets to see “The Ghost and The House Of Truth” produced by our muse Ego Boyo.

Jewelry : @cornucopiaadorn
Photography: @photonimi
MUA and Gele for @officialegoboyo: @rhema_tara for @houseoftara_intl
MUA and Gele for bride and sister of bride models @glamtouch1
Asooke: @bisbodv
Lace fabrics: @zahzanfabrics
Styling and tailoring: @izoraonline

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