Some rules in life are meant to be followed. However when it comes to fashion, are there really rules? Or are they just laid down myths passed down from generations. There was a time when fashion rules were strictly adhered to. For some reasons, people thought it best to conform to certain style rules or be labeled a fashion flop.
Truth be told, some of those rules worked perfectly as majority played safe and stuck to them. Then again, we had others; the trendsetters who blatantly flaunted those rules, went ahead to carve a niche for themselves in the fashion industry and eventually created a trend or a pop culture.
Whoever created the fashion rule book is most likely rolling around in their grave as the disregard for rules is on the increase and more risks are taken daily with the upcoming trends.
Below, I compiled a list of my favorite fashion myths that years ago was mentally read before each fashion purchase to avoid a fashion flop.

Tall women should not wear high heels
Ha! Who remembers this one? Growing up as a kid, I had a knack for gathering tall people as friends. My mum always jokingly said it was because I was petite and was simply obeying the laws that opposites attract. Whatever the reasons were, I had pretty tall girls who wouldn’t wear heels in college for fear of their height intimidating the boys.
Heels aren’t just about making you taller, asides accentuating those great legs; they add a certain strut to your walk which gives us off that unique lady vibes. You are not about to ditch that for some flimsy excuse as this, right?

Never Mix and Match Prints
Mixing and matching of prints was a red flag back in the day. Ankara prints were strictly worn over same Ankara print. That rule I guess went up in flames as more people discover the joys of mixing prints and the benefit of looking like a well-coordinated mess.
With vintage fashion making a huge comeback, mixing of prints is a trend people are getting comfortable in. The leopard print is considered a neutral print and can be paired with other
prints be it floras, polka dots and stripes.

Never Wear More than One Bold Color
Is there a fashion rule as outdated as “never wear more than one bold colour?” (Well maybe the “Shoes and bags must always match”) rule.
Colours are essential when pairing your clothes and accessories whether you opt for the warm bright colours or you prefer the neutral cold tones. It is fashion forward to throw a bold colour over an earthy colour combination to breathe life into your assemble. However, pairing multiple
bold colours can be achieved too with proper consideration. For instance, a brightly colored mustard top can be worn over a red set of shoes provided the pant in between is in a neutral
colour to break even the colours.

Shoes and bags must always match
Remember when the blue bag always went with the blue shoes likewise the yellow shoes unless of course you paired it with black. Well, I guess we kissed those days goodbye! Great style in recent times entails that if you have a red bag and a navy blue shoe with a leopard print belt and you are bold enough to rock your combination, we sure love it right back!

Never pair gold and silver together
We knew when it was a fashion taboo to pair your gold jewelries with the silver ones. I remember vividly my older cousin always made sure to pair her silver wristwatch and jewelries
to match her silver wedding band and vice versa.
Today, jewelers are steady releasing jewelries made on that awesome metallic combination. On the run ways, designers play around metallic hues to create awesome designs.

Less is more

That isn’t always true. Sometimes you want to be a minimalist and wear a piece or two, other times you just want to splurge and shine. I’m pretty sure the finger ring set defies that particular fashion rule of “less is more” and yet manages to come out looking effortlessly chic.

In fashion, rules are as outdated as the term “breeches”. Style should be all about the confidence to be bold enough to break the rules and make yours. It has no place coming with rules. Style is considered a form of art and true art comes from the freedom of expressing one’s self without any confines. If any, the only rule guiding fashion should be “If you are bold enough to wear it, be bold enough to own it”.

-Vivienne Belonwu

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