“BABA AT 80 : OVERTAKING OVERTAKE “, is the theme of this year’s FELABRATION.
FELA will be, posthumously, 80 years old this year, October 15. FELABRATION 2018, is poised to celebrate the milestone. This year’s event holds between October 15-21, 2018. And the theme song is FELA’S hit tune, “Overtake Don Overtake Overtake”.

The event kicks off on that Monday 15, with its traditional Symposium Discussions, “The FELA Debates”. This is a segment of the annual festival which provokes intellectual discourse around topical contemporary African issues. These debates seek to engage today’s people in espousing ideas and ideals towards solving the myriad of problems confronting the African Continent. It usually parades a pool of discussants from across the various strata of the society, each bringing individual’s experience to bear on the chosen topic for the day, from across the Africa Continent. Prof. Patrick Lumumba, the renowned Kenya Anti-Corruption advocate was the Chief Speaker last year. Prof Yemi Osibajo, Vice President, Federal Republic of Nigeria was once a Lead Speaker at the event. This year promises another world famous personalities as the Speakers.

However the Secondary School Debates which is built around children’s competitiveness in logic, comes a few weeks before the main festival commences. It is usually a contest between the private and public schools in Lagos state, Nigeria. This year is no exception and the topic of contention for this year will be released soon.

The main event is the 7-day music concerts which commences on the night of the opening day, October 15, 2018. This year, all top Nigeria Artistes have indicated willingness to perform at the festival. Plans are also in top gear to bring in some five star international musicians.

The two contents, FELABRATION ART and AFROBEAT DANCE COMPETITIONS, will make their second appearances this year. These as their names imply are contests amongst youths in the specific areas mentioned. The Art Competition is usually a contest on FELA related issues. While the Afrobeat Dance Competition brings out the best in the dancing prowess of the youths.
These two contents were introduced last year as parts of the FELABRATION 2017’s 20th Anniversary celebration of FELA’S ascension to the great beyond. They have come to stay.

WELCOME TO FELABRATION 2018…”Overtake don Overtake Overtake o”

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