Oghenekaro Omu is the founder of Sanitary Aid for Nigerian Girls (S.A.N.G), a foundation that aims “to address the needs of 65% of the Nigerian female population who do not have access to sanitary pads.”

On the 15th of January 2017, Karo learned that the prices of sanitary products had increased by more than 100% and she immediately thought of how it would impact the underprivileged girls who had barely been able to get access to these products. She decided to provide free sanitary pads for underprivileged girls, using her twitter handle, she invited people to contribute to the cause.

Going to put together funds to buy girls in public secondary schools& IDP camps sanitary pads for next month. Hit me up if you want to help.

— MADAME President (@duchesskk) January 15, 2017

That one tweet started a movement that generated over half a million Naira in 24 hours and one million before that week ran out.

Karo says :

In the future, we intend to make sanitary education part of communities especially low income ones that don’t have the exposure. Our goal is to reach up to a million girls with both sanitary hygiene education & free pads.”

Karo is not just giving out free sanitary pads to girls from low-income families. She and her team are also teaching them about menstrual hygiene, and campaigning to make sanitary pads free or come at a discount.

S.A.N.G has a Period Handbook which teaches girls the basics of menstrual hygiene.

The organization holds a monthly Sanitary Drive every month, where donors can drop-off sanitary pads, tampons, wipes, soap, towels, toilet bags, clothes, undergarments to support girls from low-income families and IDP camps across Nigeria ; and sign up to volunteer to work with the initiative

Karo and her team proved once again that social media is a very powerful tool for driving social change.

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