At the start of each year, most people wrote down their goals and plans for the year. These goals might include losing weight, getting fitter and many more.
At the end of the year, it’s time to reassess these goals and see how far you’ve come or not. If you’ve gotten to your goals successfully, congratulations. Heck, if you are even thinking about your goals 12 months after setting thwm, you deserge a pt on the back fot your dedicatiom

If you didn’t quite achieve your fitness goals for the year, don’t beat yourself up about it.

First,  determine why you didn’t meet these goals. It’s possible that they were unrealistic to start with. If you planned to lose 100 pounds, run a marathon and train for the Olympics in one year, you might have been putting too much pressure on yourself. If your goals were realistic, it is best to let go of them and  set new ones that are doable and that don’t put too-high expectations on you.


If your goals were realistic, you need to examine why you couldn’t reach them. Was it a lack of planning, time or other factors. Ask yourself if these factors will likely come up again in the next year. If they will, it is best to set new goals that will work around them. If they won’t,  you should determine to not t anything stop you from achieving your goals this time

Fitness goals tend to be what keep us going and not giving up. Every now and then,we have to look at our goals and decide whether to change them or continue.

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