The holidays are probably the easiest time to fall off the fitness bandwagon. Everyone is in a celebratory mood, food and drinks are in abundance and your guard is down. You might find yourself saying “I deserve this treat!” as you eat your fifth cupcake in a one hour period. Also, with all the festivities going on, your workout routine might just fall by the wayside amidst a stampede of Christmas joy, food, and endless activities.


This does not have to be so. You can actually keep to your fitness goals during the holidays and even get fitter with the right motivation and tools.


  • Adjust your calendar: Staying on track with your workouts is hard enough on its own, much less when the chaos of the holiday comes into play. Rather than trying to stick to your usual routine, change it up to accommodate your Christmas activities. If you have to leave the house earlier for grocery shopping, schedule your workout for later in the day. Or combine different workouts on days that you have more time. It’s all about doing what you can with whatever time you have.


  • Indulge…in moderation: Trying to stay fit is no excuse to not indulge in all the culinary wonders of the holiday season. The trick to this is to indulge in reasonable portions. Enjoy that cupcake, that ice cream or that handful of sweets, but make sure to enjoy in reasonable portions. One common excuse we give ourselves to overindulge is that we need to enjoy these treats now because we won’t be able to after Christmas. This is untrue. You can enjoy anything you want at any time, so don’t force yourself to eat more than you actually need to.


  • Include healthier options in your menu: When most people think of Christmas food, they think of Jollof rice, chicken, ice cream, cake, sweets and other foods. While these are glorious in their own right, it will do you a world of good to include healthy food options in your menu. Salads, vegan cookies, sugar-free sweets and others can make your holiday eating just as healthy as it is tasty.


The holidays don’t have to signal a decline in your fitness and healthy eating. Adjust your fitness routine to suit your schedule, enjoy your foods in moderation and make sure that healthy options are available to avoid falling off your fitness wagon.


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