Fit-fashion has cemented itself in the fashion world and athleisure is taking over. This can be put down to its effortless blend of comfortable and fierce looks. Nowhere is this more prominent than in the workout crop top.


Crop tops in themselves are a look that translated well from day to night and from casual to formal. In the world of fitness wear, crop tops are many womens’ go-to attire for the gym. Crop tops come in both the fitted ones that show off ab progress and the loose ones that allow the skin to breathe. It’s not surprising that even crop tops made for the gym are being sported in day-today life. The trick to this is to accessorize the look to your goals. Loose, casual accessories can give it a fun, daytime appeal while more serious looking pieces can make it great even for nigh time.


Peep some of the looks below:







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