If you look around, you will notice that some people’s skin wrinkle much earlier than the rest of us. Perhaps you also notice that your own skin is also aging faster than you expect. It may be stress, genetics, bad lifestyle or poor nutrition. But it also means that you may be making one of these five mistakes in your skincare routine that really adds years unto your skin instead of the opposite. Sometimes in our quest to look younger we do things the wrong way, well, here are the five common mistakes that we all make and what to do to fix it.

1) Wrong Choice of Cleanser: You might be thinking that what your cleanser should do is to wash away your makeup and any other dirt particles on your face and so you resort to using soaps that leave your face squeaky clean, but what you don’t realize is that you are stripping your skin’s natural oils off, damaging the acid mantle and throwing off your skin’s pH. Our skin is protected by an acid mantle which is comprised of natural oils and sweat gland secretion which creates an acidic reaction, giving our skin a natural pH of 4-6. This makes our skin an ideal environment for its enzymes carry out skin renewal. For any skin type, it is appropriate to determine what cleanser are suitable for such skin. For dry and matured skin types, cleansers with moisturizing ingredients that not only cleanse the skin, but help draw moisture from the air to it and keep it hydrated is essential. This is where cleansing balms, cleansing milk and other lotion-like cleansers come in. For people with oily, congested and acne-prone skin, cleansers with anti-inflammatory ingredients, exfoliating ingredients and antibacterial properties are ideal for them, these cleansers could contain ingredients with salicylic acid, allantoin and anti-inflammatory herbs to help balance excess sebum production, calm inflammations which cause acne and congestion. For people whose skin are sensitive to almost any product they use, cleansers with soothing and regenerating agents that leave their skin with a cooling sensation are ideal.

2) Not Using Sunscreen: Judging from the tropical weather that we have we stand a high risk of sun damage to our skin when being overly exposed. What many of us don’t realize is that even the skincare products that we use contain some sort of chemicals that easily break down after absorbing UV-rays from the sun, releasing free radicals of oxygen on our skin. The longer we stay out in the sun, the more free radicals are released on our skin, causing harm. This is why applying a sunscreen with a broad spectrum SPF of 30 and above is important to help protect our skin. Sunscreens containing titanium dioxide, aloe vera and antioxidants which possesses reflective protective should be considered, when making your purchase.

3) Overloading your skin with too many products: Our skin most times can get finicky about the types of products we use on it. We get carried away with the marketing pizazz of the latest products in the beauty market which promises to deliver all sorts of benefits and so we purchase numerous products to help with one skin concern or the other. But, we cannot keep exposing our skin cells to new compounds from these products. We can get our skin to respond positively and improve by using products that contain plant extracts and oils that are highly domesticated and have been successfully used for years. Ensure to purchase products that have few ingredients listed in its formulation and are easily identifiable.

4) Going for Immediate Improvement: Some moisturizers in the market today are designed to plump up the skin by pushing water into it, but this actually damages the skin by breaking the water-resistant barrier of the proteins and oils found on the upper layer and wetting the proteins. In return, our skin becomes weak and is exposed to bacteria, viruses and allergens. What we should know is that our skin is a living tissue and cannot change overnight. If you want a real improvement on your skin appearance, allow time for those changes to occur. Choose products that act gently on the skin and you will witness a better and healthier improvement.

5) Buying without Researching First: Often times we buy on the spur of the moment because of emotional impulse. But, if you wish to spend your money wisely then it is important to do a thorough research or else you will put your skin at risk. Make sure to research on active ingredients that suit your skin concern and how best these active ingredients are used in skincare. Endeavor to go an extra mile to read about the manufacturer of the product you wish to purchase because this could help save your skin years off and give you peace of mind.

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