Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but with the inception of YouTube tutorials, beauty has become the next big source of income to behold. Beauty vloggers on the platform have been able to use their channels to showcase their love for all things beauty as well as share tips, tricks and tutorials revolving around the subject matter. These five Nigerian women have taken to the limitless opportunities of the Internet to create a source of revenue for themselves as well as inspire other women on the subject of beauty.


Umeh, popularly known by her channel name That Igbo Chick describes herself as a makeup lover, a fashion enthusiast and a sucker for all things lifestyle. She joined the platform in January 2012 and has 111,475 subscribers as well as over 4 million views on her videos. Her recent posts are not as consistent as other vloggers on the list but she sure has made herself a household name within the platform and offline when it comes to the subject matter of beauty.


20-year old Olaoye is a student in Business Management in Canada and describes herself as a self-taught makeup artist. Her videos range from tutorials on creating different looks to fashion lookbooks, tags and vlogs. Boasting over 285,900 subscribers and over 13 million views, she started her channel in May 2015 and has won the hearts of ladies trying to keep up with the latest beauty looks. She’s also used her platform to speak on the issues surrounding makeup and cyber bullying as a black beauty vlogger.


With over 740,033 subscribers and over 51 million views on her videos, Enyiang is one of the most popular on the list. Her content ranges from topics of beauty, style, DIY, and shopping. She joined the platform in December 2008 and has carved a niche for herself with her lookbooks, tutorials, vlogs, tags and content that keep her subscribers coming for more. Eniang also runs a fashion site, Shirleys Wardrobe, which doubles on the content she already shares on her YouTube channel.


UK-based Jenkins, also known as BeautybyJJ, joined the platform in August 2010 and has over 619,762 subscribers as well as over 61 million views on her videos. Her content ranges from makeup looks to tutorials, fashion lookbooks, and hair reviews. She’s been able to grow her platform with her ease of creating beauty looks. Her Instagram page also boasts vibrant images that complement the work she does as a content creator.


You’ve probably seen Jackie trending on Twitter with her flirty outfits and the hunk she calls her man. The deal is Jackie is one of the biggest beauty vloggers in the land with over 1.5 million subscribers and over 100 million views on the platform, which she joined in March 2006. Aina is highly sought-after for her reviews on beauty products and her social media commentary. Recently, she was involved in a shade-off with Kim Kardashian for her review of the KKW beauty line. Aina is also very vocal about makeup for people of colour.

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