Working from home can sometimes blur the lines between work and other activities including rest. Often when I work from home, I find myself stuck at a place and sometimes I even forget to eat. I would look up and the entire place was dark.  This is not a healthy lifestyle as it could negatively impact your mental and physical health. And this is where self-care tips come in handy.

– Oma Ehiri

Here are five self-care tips that will come in handy when working from home;

1. Have a routine:

If you had to leave home for work, you typically have a resumption time that influences when you start your day. The same should apply when you work from home. While you enjoy the laxity of not stepping out of the house, you should have that resumption time – and closing time –  in place. In the same vein, have a lunch break.

2. Have a to-do list:

Now that you have walked into your workspace, you need to start off with a to-do list. The more detailed, the better. You do not need anything fancy to do this, but I find that fancy makes it more attractive to me. You can start off by writing the things you remember, and building the list as the day goes by. If you’re unable to tick off everything on the list, do not beat yourself up. The next day is another chance to give it a shot.

3. Take walks at intervals:

A sedentary life is very common with working from home. I remember attending an event where a life coach encouraged us to do some form of exercise at work. According to him, this can also help with our mental health as well as the physical, such as our posture. On some days, I wear my fitness watch which prompts me to take a walk every hour.

4. Set a reminder for meals:

The tendency to forget to eat while working from home, can be high. If this is the case for you, set an alarm that prompts you to get your food. Not everyone typically likes to have breakfast, but you could have an apple and some tea right beside you to kickstart your day. Do not forget your water. Staying hydrated is important.

5. Set boundaries:

If you can, set up a work corner. When you need to work, go into that space to get your work done. As soon as you close for the day, leave every work-related tool right there and focus on other areas of your life. You must also note that more tasks may come in or show up in the day. Where this happens, tackle what is of utmost importance and defer the rest for the next day. This includes work-related calls from colleagues after work hours.

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