Each of us has a unique shape and type of lip. The lips play a major role in our daily life activities which includes eating and expression of how we feel. Studies show that the lips are the first place our brain goes to for identifying gender. Our lips have about only three to five layers of cells compared to other parts of the face which contains more. Without proper care and protection, our lips are left exposed to the environment in ways other parts of our body are not. Therefore essential care is needed and can be achieved through these five steps.

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1) Avoid Licking Your Lips: One of the first things to know when caring for your lips is not to lick them. Do not lick your lips even if they feel dry or before applying a balm or lipstick. Our lips are made up of proteins and fats and the enzymes in our saliva break these down which results to causing damage to the lip skin. Also, if you lick your lips before applying lip balm or lipstick you are helping to seal in the saliva.

2) Exfoliate Your Lips: When your lips are chapped, exfoliate with a soft bristle brush or wet cloth to remove dry skin and enhance your lips’ natural color without breaking your lip skin.

3) Keep Lips Hydrated: Drinking enough water helps keep the whole body including your lips hydrated. A quick tip…dampen your lips with a little water before applying a lip balm or lipstick to seal in moisture and keep your lips looking plump.

4) Protect Your Lips from the Sun: Beware that heavy oiled balms and lip glosses create a surface that attracts the sun, which causes loss of volume, discoloration and fine lines. Endeavor to purchase lip products that contain sun block to help keep your lips intact.

5) Apply Healthy Lip Products: When purchasing lip products, look out for products containing natural wax and healthy oils which also provide a protective shield against weather conditions. Read the ingredient listing on your lip products to ensure that they do not contain irritants such as phenol and cormol, but contain sweet almond oil, coconut oil to moisturize, sunblock with an SPF range between 15-30 to protect against sun’s rays and Vitamin C and E to neutralize free radical damage on your skin’s collagen and elastin.

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