Every first day in the month of May represents an otherwise escape route for workers to take a deserved rest from the hectic schedule of work they have to deal with all year round. It is interesting to celebrate this day because it usually falls on weekdays when an average worker is supposed to be deep with work. As we join millions of people across the country to celebrate this special day, we look at some of the most pressing demands of workers in Nigeria.
1. Payment of Arrears
As we know it, so many states in the country still owe their civil servants for several months, forgetting they have family and needs to cater for. In this case, May Day may not be tagged as a celebration for these ones, especially as they head into the holidays empty handed. We implore the relevant authorities to use this day as a great opportunity to pay up arrears and stabilize salary payments for these ones. When salaries are paid as at when due, workers are encouraged to put in their best at work which will in turn affect positively the growth of the organization. This is a clarion call.
2. Good healthcare
It is a pitiable sight these days when we see workers go through untold hardship just to get access to good Medicare. As matter of fact, their health is put on the line whenever they’re working. Working conditions these days are not friendly as every individual is expected to give 200% of his time and energy before it is said that you’ve done well. These sometimes affect workers with fragile health and could also trigger certain life threatening ailments in workers due to excess stress. Companies and ministries must ensure they key into the contemporary initiative of HMO (Health Management Organization) and ensure that their workers are well registered to this plan so as to guarantee proper Medicare for themselves and their families.
3. Enabling working environment
It is no News that one of the hazards that is plaguing work environments these days is bad working environment; These includes so many and not limited to provision of basic working tools to ease workflow, good working conditions among others. With all these put in place, a worker is excited to work well with less stress and creativity is enhanced as such. Creative input in work enhances results and every organization craves for positive result in the scheme of things; a conscious effort to put this in place will be positive for the growth of the said company.
4. Job Security
This is one aspect every worker needs as guarantee. Considering the situation in the country, people need to be reassured that their Jobs are intact so that they can fend for their needs. In Nigeria today, people lose their jobs on a daily basis and head home without a clear picture of what happens next. As we celebrate this year’s workers day, Nigerian workers need to be reassured that their jobs are safe and they won’t be victim to the mass retrenchment plaguing the nation at the moment.
5. Food and steady transportation
Food is the basic necessity of life after water. At least the energy that the body requires to function properly is gotten from the intake of good food. Apparently, one of the most expensive commodities to purchase in today’s Nigeria is food. The cost of food items is astronomical and just a few people can afford good food. May Day should serve as a great opportunity for companies to ensure that their workers don’t lack access to good food. They can design frameworks that would give these workers access to good food items at affordable prices so that their energy is sustained for proper work. Transportation is also very necessary. Staff buses can work the magic and ease workers commute to work without too much hassle and transport fare. This will also encourage good work flow.
As workers across the country take this timeout to relax and celebrate efforts, we must not forget to rest properly and relax our nerves. We must not get carried away with work and the excessive thirst for more money at the expense of our health. We must maximize the day and have good time with our family, friends and acquaintances.
Happy workers day!

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