Applying foundation can be a lot trickier than most things. You could want that natural skin like application but end up looking chalky, cakey and oily all at once.

We all know of this struggle and some of us have been there more than a couple of times and others have just given up all together. Luckily for you, you’re about to get much needed tips and tricks for flawless looking foundation. So say goodbye to the patchiness and unwanted shine people, it’s time to get schooled!

SKIN PREP: Prepping your skin is the first and most important step. Your foundation needs a clean and smooth base to lay on. It is important to cleanse, moisturize and apply primer to your skin for that flawless base. This also helps with covering fine lines and prevents flakiness. Makeup tends to crease and crack in areas of the skin that are dry, so it is highly important to moisturize/prime skin first.

KNOW YOUR COVERAGE: This all depends on what look you’re going for. If you like your foundation a little less heavy, then go with formulas that offer medium coverage but if you prefer a full face beat, then go with full coverage which also helps with covering dark spots and blemishes.

THE SHADE: If you think your foundation is too dark or light, then that’s because it probably is. Sometimes figuring out your shade can seem like a daunting task, so the best way to know this is visit your favourite makeup store and get a complimentary shade test before buying. This way you get a shade that actually matches your skin plus expert opinion on makeup application. It’s a win-win

APPLICATION AND BLENDING: Whatever tool you use to apply your foundation is completely up to you but you need to know which will allow you blend easily. You could use a flat foundation brush, kabuki foundation brush or a beauty blender. Be sure to dab and not drag as this will distribute foundation in a way that looks more natural. And remember a little goes a long way when applying foundation, it is always better to build on it, than apply too much all at once.

SET IT: It is important to set your foundation as this will hold the foundation in place and prevent it from rubbing off or creasing. It also helps get rid of shine and blurs fine lines. Focus on the areas that oils out the most (T-zone) You could use a loose powder or compact powder, whichever works best for you. For a more natural finish, apply a setting spray.

And there you have it! These are some simple tips on getting that smooth foundation application.

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